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Daftar Terorisme Islam 2011 (update)

Posted by admin pada Mei 18, 2011

Berikut HANYALAH sebagian dari Daftar Terorisme Islam tahun 2011 (UPDATE!).
Kekerasan tidak hanya terhadap non muslim, namun juga antar muslim.
Islam = Agama Damai ?

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2011.05.17 Kazakhstan Aktobe 0 3 A suicide bomber detonates in ‘revenge’ for the recent arrest of Sunnis.
2011.05.16 Somalia Hodan 10 15 al-Shabaab target a rival mosque with mortar shells, killing about ten clerics inside the building.
2011.05.16 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Saudi diplomat is shot in the head by Muslim terrorists.
2011.05.16 Thailand Yala 2 2 Two Buddhist monks are dismantled by Religion of Peace bombers.
2011.05.16 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 Muslim kidnappers gouge out the eyes of a Christian victim and then cut off his head.
2011.05.16 Pakistan Jawaki 1 0 A member of a peace committee is gunned down by Sunni hardliners.
2011.05.16 Pakistan Mohmand 2 1 Two children are obliterated by a landmine.
2011.05.16 India Kishtwar 1 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba militants abduct and execute a 50-year-old civilian.
2011.05.16 Afghanistan Kunar 3 8 A woman and child are among three civilians crushed to death by a Taliban rocket attack.
2011.05.15 Pakistan Datta Khel 2 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban kidnap and execute two villagers.
2011.05.15 Iraq Shirqat 1 0 A woman is beheaded by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.05.15 Egypt Cairo 2 0 Two Copts are gunned down in a Muslim drive-by attack.
2011.05.15 Egypt Cairo 0 50 About fifty Christians are injured when a Muslim mob hurls rocks and homemade bombs into a peaceful protest.
2011.05.15 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 A family of three, including a 13-year-old boy, are murdered in their beds by sectarian Jihadis.
2011.05.15 Israel Tel Aviv 1 17 An Israeli is killed when an Arab driver rams him yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ and ‘Death to Jews’.
2011.05.14 Somalia Bosasso 3 0 al-Shabaab is blamed for the murder of three tribal elders along a city street.
2011.05.14 Pakistan Kharian 7 20 Three women and a child are among seven bus passengers torn to shreds by fundamentalist bombers.
2011.05.14 Yemen Rada’a 6 1 Six local soldiers lose their lives to an al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.05.13 Algeria Tizrarana 7 2 Armed fundamentalists attack a military barracks, slaying seven dead.
2011.05.13 Pakistan Bannu 98 124 Two suicide bombers yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ murder ninety innocent people in “revenge” for the bin Laden killing.
2011.05.13 Nigeria Borno 1 0 Religious radicals shoot a chauffeur to death.
2011.05.13 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Two men waiting for a bus are blown to bits by Boko Haram Islamists.
2011.05.13 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite is shot twelve times by Sunni militants while traveling to work.
2011.05.12 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 Two people are abducted and beheaded by Religion of Peace activists.
2011.05.12 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 A Taliban wearing a police uniform opens up on NATO soldiers eating lunch, killing two.
2011.05.12 Iraq Hillah 1 0 A teenager is tortured and murdered by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.05.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Boko Haram radicals murder a union official and his son.
2011.05.12 Nigeria Borno 1 1 Muslim extremists assassinate a local elder.
2011.05.11 Iraq Tikrit 2 1 Two Iraqis bleed out following a Mujahideen bombing.
2011.05.11 Somalia Gal Gala 5 4 Islamists ambush a group of government troops, killing five.
2011.05.11 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two cops are gunned down in an Islamist drive-by.
2011.05.10 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A journalist is disassembled by a car bomb blast.
2011.05.10 Iraq Tikrit 11 8 Jihad car bombers send eleven Iraqis to Allah.
2011.05.10 Somalia Mogadishu 3 7 Islamic militia take out three civilians with a roadside bomb.
2011.05.10 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 1 A suicide bomber detonates at a checkpoint, killing a cop.
2011.05.09 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 0 The Taliban machine-gun a half-dozen policemen at point-blank range.
2011.05.09 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A 60-year-old Catholic grandfather is beaten to death by enraged Muslims.
2011.05.09 Pakistan Nowshera 4 2 A bombing at a courthouse leaves four dead, including a woman.
2011.05.09 Pakistan Orakzai 1 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban kidnap and brutally execut a tribesman.
2011.05.09 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 A liquor store owner is among the casualties of various Mujahideen blasts.
2011.05.09 Afghanistan Laghman 5 3 Three children are among five civilians torn to shreads by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2011.05.09 Afghanistan Khost 4 0 Four villagers are beheaded by religious hardliners.
2011.05.08 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Islamists gun down two Buddhists in front of a mosque.
2011.05.08 Egypt Imbada 1 0 Salafists shoot the 16-year-old nephew of a Catholic bishop in the head.
2011.05.08 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 0 A journalist is among two people slain by Jihadi gunmen in separate attacks.
2011.05.08 Egypt Imbada 1 0 Islamists break into a Catholic church and slit a member’s throat.
2011.05.08 Iraq Baghdad 9 14 al-Qaeda detainees stage a jailhouse revolt, leaving nine guards dead.
2011.05.07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Religious separatists shoot a farmer to death.
2011.05.07 Thailand Yala 3 2 A roadside bomb planted by Islamic radicals leaves three dead.
2011.05.07 Egypt Cairo 12 232 Fundamentalists assault two churches with firebombs and gunfire, killing five Copt defenders and seven more in an ensuing rampage.
2011.05.07 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 45 At least four people are killed during a sustained Fedayeen assault at a shopping mall.
2011.05.07 Iraq Baqubah 6 10 Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen stage a deadly robbery on a market, killing six.
2011.05.07 Algeria El Kennar 5 5 Islamic militants murder five security personnel with a roadside bomb.
2011.05.07 Thailand Pattani 4 12 Muslim militants detonate a bomb at a soccer field where police are playing a friendly game with villagers, killing four.
2011.05.06 Sudan Abu Shouk 0 1 After being spotted with a Bible, a female aid worker is arrested for apostasy and severely beaten.
2011.05.06 Pakistan Quetta 8 15 Eight Shiites visiting a cemetery are targeted and killed in a Sunni rocket attack.
2011.05.06 Nigeria Kano 17 3 Seventeen residents of a Christian village, including a pastor’s wife and three children are massacred in a pre-dawn Muslim attack.
2011.05.06 Iraq Fallujah 1 0 An accused ‘enemy of Allah’ is kidnapped and beheaded.
2011.05.06 Algeria Baghlia 1 0 Armed fundamentalists gun down a journalist.
2011.05.05 Iraq Hilla 24 72 Two dozen police are sent to Allah by a Holy Warrior in an explosives-packed vehicle.
2011.05.05 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 A child is among two people shot to death by Boko Haram Islamists.
2011.05.05 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A woman is shot to death in her home by ‘insurgents’.
2011.05.05 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 An imam is among two people assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.05.04 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 45-year-old Shia man is assassinated by Taliban gunmen.
2011.05.04 Yemen Abyan 7 9 Seven people at a market are laid out by al-Qaeda bombers.
2011.05.04 Thailand Yala 4 13 Muslim militants roll up on a tea shop and machine-gun four people to death, including two teenagers.
2011.05.04 Iraq Karbala 3 4 Three agricultural workers are murdered by Islamic bombers.
2011.05.04 Iraq Halila 2 0 Mujahideen stop two trucks and execute the drivers.
2011.05.04 Pakistan Bara 1 2 Militants kidnap three civilians from a market and execute one.
2011.05.04 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 Three guards are killed in a Boko Haram shooting at a prison.
2011.05.04 Nigeria Borno 2 0 A woman is among two people taken down by Islamist assassins.
2011.05.04 Somalia Baidoa 2 0 al-Shabaab executes two young ‘apostates’ at a soccer stadium, forcing children to watch.
2011.05.03 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 A woman is among two who bleed to death in separate bombings.
2011.05.03 Iraq Baghdad 16 37 Sixteen Shiites in a poorer neighborhood are blown to bits by Sunni bombers while watching soccer at a cafe.
2011.05.02 Iraq Baghdad 6 7 A Jihad bomb at a hospital garage nearly wipes out an entire family.
2011.05.02 Pakistan Charsadda 4 5 A woman and three children are torn to shreds when religious rivals place a bomb at a mosque.
2011.05.02 India Birma Pul 1 7 Holy Warriors take down a civilian with a roadside bomb.
2011.05.02 Iraq Baghdad 3 14 A bomb near a coffee shop leaves three people dead.
2011.05.01 Iraq Baghdad 7 20 A teacher is among seven Iraqis gunned down in various Mujahideen attacks.
2011.05.01 Dagestan Sergokala 1 0 Islamic rebels are suspected in the assassination of a police chief.
2011.05.01 Afghanistan Paktika 4 12 At least four people are killed when a 12-year-old suicide bomber detonates at a crowded market.
2011.05.01 Yemen Zinjibar 3 4 Three local solidiers are killed by an al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.05.01 Afghanistan Ghazni 4 15 A Taliban shooting and bombing leave four Afghans dead.
2011.05.01 Pakistan Punjab 4 0 Four guards are killed when Islamists attack a NATO supply convoy.
2011.05.01 Afghanistan Logar 2 0 Two local cops are dismantled by a Taliban bomb.
2011.05.01 Afghanistan Afghanistan 1 1 A woman is shot to death by Sunni fundamentalists.
2011.04.30 Iraq Taji 3 1 A child and woman are among three killed when Islamists bomb a judge’s home.
2011.04.30 India Baramulla 1 0 Mujahideen shoot a vendor to death.
2011.04.30 Iraq Mosual 8 19 A brutal Fedayeen bombing at a marketplace entrance leaves at least eight dead.
2011.04.30 Iraq Qadiriya 2 2 A man and his daughter are shot to death in their home by Islamic militants.
2011.04.30 Iraq Kadhimiya 4 0 A village defense volunteer and three family members are murdered in their home by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.04.30 USA Warren, MI 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is shot in the head by her stepfather for not adhering to Islamic practices.
2011.04.30 Pakistan Gujranwala 0 25 Fueled by rumors of a Quran desecration, a Muslim mob of hundreds attacks a Christian village, burning homes and assaulting the innocent.
2011.04.30 Bulgaria Pazardjik 0 1 A pastor who converted from Islam is beaten bloody in front of his church by a gang of Muslims.
2011.04.30 Pakistan Gujranwala 0 25 Twenty-five Christian men and women suffer injury following an attack by an enraged Muslim mob of about 350.
2011.04.30 Thailand Yala 2 9 Two local soldiers are killed by Muslim roadside bombers.
2011.04.29 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 An imam is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.

January – April 2011

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2011.04.28 Iraq Balad Ruz 10 30 A Sunni straps explosives to his body and walks into a Shia mosque. Ten are killed in the blast.
2011.04.28 Morocco Marrakesh 16 23 A Holy Warrior walks into a cafe and detonates. Five women are among the sixteen massacred.
2011.04.28 Pakistan Karachi 5 8 Five innocents bleed out following an Islamist bombing attack on a bus.
2011.04.27 Iraq Falluajh 3 0 Three Iraqis are kidnapped and brutally tortured to death by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.04.27 Algeria Boumelih 2 1 Fundamentalists cut two local cops to shreds with a shrapnel bomb.
2011.04.27 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim ‘insurgents’ shoot a Buddhist hunter and his dog to death.
2011.04.27 Afghanistan Kabul 9 0 A ‘very religious’ Afghan pilot suddenly turns on his American trainers, gunning down nine in an attack claimed by the Taliban.
2011.04.26 Somalia Luuq 8 13 A well-placed al-Shabaab landmine catches a civilian bus and sends at least eight passengers to Allah.
2011.04.26 Pakistan Karachi 4 56 A female doctor is among four people dismantled during two separate bus bombings.
2011.04.26 Iraq Hawija 2 6 Two innocents are leveled in the rubble of their house by Jihadi bombers.
2011.04.25 India Srinagar 2 1 Two cops are gunned down along a city street by Muslim terrorists.
2011.04.25 Iraq Baqubah 2 0 A minibus driver is among two people blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2011.04.25 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 8 Boko Haram members bomb a bus stop and a hotel, killing three people.
2011.04.24 Iraq Baghdad 0 7 Seven people are injured when Muslim activists detonate a bomb outside a church.
2011.04.24 Pal. Auth. Nablus 1 3 A Palestinian cop yells ‘Allah Akbar’ and opens fire on a group of orthodox Jewish pilgrims, killing one.
2011.04.24 India Baramulla 1 0 Islamic militants shoot a civilian to death.
2011.04.24 Pakistan Dir 1 0 A local trader is abducted and slain by suspected Islamists.
2011.04.23 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 The Taliban assassinate a former government official.
2011.04.23 Pakistan Salarzai 5 0 A Shahid suicide bomber sends five souls to Allah.
2011.04.23 Pakistan Hangu 1 1 An 8-year-old boy dies from shrapnel injuries suffered during a Mujahid bombing of his home.
2011.04.23 Afghanistan Kunduz 3 1 Three civilians are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2011.04.23 Iraq Baghdad 6 4 Terrorists shoot six Iraqis to death in separate attacks.
2011.04.23 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 A brutal attack on an off-duty copy leaves him dead, his wife injured and his son without legs.
2011.04.22 Yemen Mareb 8 4 Eight soldiers are shot to death by al-Qaeda extremists.
2011.04.22 Pakistan Maskini 14 9 Armed religious extremists assault two remote checkpoints, killing fourteen security personnel.
2011.04.22 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 5 0 Five police officers are dismantled by a Taliban bomb.
2011.04.22 Thailand Yala 1 4 One person is killed when Muslim ‘insurgents’ detonate a bomb hidden in a drainage pipe.
2011.04.22 Iraq Ramadi 3 3 Mujahideen bombers take down three Iraqis.
2011.04.22 Pakistan Sindh 2 0 Two men are shot to death in separate militant attacks.
2011.04.22 Pakistan Karachi 19 40 A Taliban-trained bomber blows up an illegal gambling den, killing nineteen patrons.
2011.04.21 Ethiopia Worabe 1 1 Muslims beat a Christian evangelist to death and assault his pregnant wife.
2011.04.21 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 6 Sunni fundamentalists plant a bomb that kills three local cops.
2011.04.21 Iraq Samarrah 1 4 A child bleeds out following a Jihadi bomb blast.
2011.04.21 Afghanistan Ghazni 3 5 The Taliban take down three civilians with a roadside bomb.
2011.04.21 Thailand Pattani 1 2 Muslim ‘insurgents’ murder a Buddhist in his home.
2011.04.21 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A man is beheaded by Muslim terrorists.
2011.04.20 Iraq Mosul 4 1 A student is among four Iraqis shot to death by Mujahid gunmen.
2011.04.20 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A cleric is murdered outside his home by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.04.20 Pakistan Mohmand 2 0 A rancher and his assistant are brutally murdered at a Taliban roadblock.
2011.04.20 Nigeria Bauchi 10 17 Women are among a group of young Christians murdered by a Muslim mob.
2011.04.20 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Islamists gun down a rival cleric.
2011.04.20 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three Shia civilians are gunned down in cold blood by Sunni assassins.
2011.04.20 Pakistan Kurram 7 0 Seven villagers are executed in captivity by the Taliban.
2011.04.20 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Sectarian Jihadis detonate a bomb in a Shia area, killing three.
2011.04.19 Pakistan Khyber 1 0 Religion of Peace hardliners slit the throat of a tribesman.
2011.04.19 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Jihadis assassinate an official with the education department.
2011.04.19 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 A teacher and her two Shia daughters shot to death by Sunni terrorists in their own home.
2011.04.19 Nigeria Kaduna 121 375 Angry Muslims go on a two-day bender, torching over forty churches and hacking and burning over one hundred Christians to death.
2011.04.19 Dagestan Khasavyurt 2 0 Two cops are gunned down by Muslim militants.
2011.04.19 Thailand Narathiwat 1 25 Jihadis set off a bomb that leaves one dead.
2011.04.19 Thailand Pattani 5 0 Two teens are among five people who die from splinter injuries following an Islamist grenade attack.
2011.04.19 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 A Taliban gunmen goes on a shooting spree inside a government building, killing two guards.
2011.04.18 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 0 No one survives a brutal roadside ambush by fundamentalists on a vehicle carrying six.
2011.04.18 Egypt Minya 1 11 One Copt is killed by Muslim rioters, who throw a grandmother out of a second story balcony while shouting praises to Allah.
2011.04.18 Thailand Yala 1 23 Muslim ‘insurgents’ set off a car bomb, killing a passerby in a pickup truck.
2011.04.18 Afghanistan Kabul 2 7 A Fedayeen bomber attacks a defense ministry building, killing two.
2011.04.18 Iraq Baghdad 10 23 A pair of suicide bombers send ten other souls to Allah.
2011.04.18 Somalia Shalambod 1 0 A 21-year-old convert to Christianity is pulled from his home and shot 10 times by Islamists yelling ‘Allah Akbar’.
2011.04.17 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four members of a Shiite family, including two teens, are viciously shot to death in their home by sectarian rivals.
2011.04.17 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Two bombings take down two Iraqis.
2011.04.17 Pakistan Gujranwala 0 12 Twelve worshippers at a Pentacostal church are pulled out and beaten by a Muslim mob.
2011.04.16 Algeria Azazga 14 12 al-Qaeda fundamentalists assault a local security post, leaving at least 14 ‘apostates’ dead.
2011.04.16 Afghanistan Laghman 10 8 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills nine soldiers and a civilian.
2011.04.16 Somalia Galkayo 3 2 A government official is among three people dismantled by a bomb planted by Mujahideen.
2011.04.16 Iraq Hawija 1 0 An al-Qaeda opponent is kidnapped, tortured and murdered.
2011.04.16 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A cop is gunned down by local Islamists.
2011.04.15 Pakistan Kurram 2 0 The Taliban ambush a group of police, killing two.
2011.04.15 Iraq Kut 1 0 A young man is shot three times in the head and chest by ‘insurgents’.
2011.04.15 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 5 Boko Haram Islamists gun down two innocents.
2011.04.15 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 2 A religious fundamentalist wearing an explosives vest detonates in a group of policemen, killing three.
2011.04.15 Jordan Zarqa 0 51 A mob of Islamists attack police and accused atheists with bats and knives, leaving at least fifty injured.
2011.04.15 Indonesia Cirebon 0 29 A suicide bomber blows himself up inside a mosque, injuring nearly thirty.
2011.04.15 India Budgam 1 0 Islamists drag a female political candidate out of her home and shoot her to death.
2011.04.14 Afghanistan Paktia 3 3 Four Shahid suicide bombers detonate at a police training camp, leaving three recruits dead.
2011.04.14 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic militants spray the back of a 45-year old villager’s head with automatic weapons fire.
2011.04.14 Iraq Yusufiya 2 13 Two Iraqis are taken down by a double bombing.
2011.04.14 Pakistan Quetta 2 2 A cleric and his student are shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.04.13 Iraq Kirkuk 1 16 Terrorists set off a bomb in a restaurant, killing at least one.
2011.04.13 Afghanistan Kunar 10 7 Ten tribal elders are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who embraced one of his victims.
2011.04.12 Afghanistan Faryab 4 4 Talibanis gun down three children and their father.
2011.04.12 Iraq Khan Dhari 5 6 A vicious double bombing at a home leaves three family members and two rescue workers dead.
2011.04.12 Iraq Iskandariya 2 2 Two local cops are dismantled by a Jihad bomb blast.
2011.04.12 Dagestan Tsumadinsky 2 3 Two cops die in a brutal ambush by Mujahideen.
2011.04.11 Dagestan Kidero 3 0 Three policemen die when Islamic militants ambush them with machine-guns.
2011.04.11 Iraq Fallujah 7 19 A triple bombing leaves seven dead.
2011.04.11 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 A 10-year-old girl is among four Iraqis murdered in a terrorist blast along a city street.
2011.04.11 Iraq Khan Bani Saad 10 2 Ten women and children are killed in a home by Jihadi bombers.
2011.04.11 Pakistan Kanrakai 3 13 Women and children are among the casualties when religious radicals set off a roadside bomb.
2011.04.10 India Baramulla 1 0 A young man is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2011.04.10 Pakistan Mohmand 2 7 Two security personnel bleed out following a Taliban ambush.
2011.04.10 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 al-Qaeda is suspected of killing a jeweler and his son at their shop.
2011.04.10 Afghanistan Farah 3 0 Three tribal elders are dismantled by Taliban bombers.
2011.04.09 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Suspected fundamentalists shoot a university professor to death outside his home.
2011.04.09 Dagestan Kizlyar 1 0 A local imam who spoke out against Islamic radicalism is gunned down outside his home.
2011.04.09 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 Jihadis take down three Iraqis with a sticky bomb.
2011.04.08 Nigeria Bogoro 10 0 Muslims armed with machetes attack a Christian village and burn at least ten people to death, including several who were elderly.
2011.04.08 Nigeria Shani 4 0 Four election workers are ambushed and killed by Boko Haram militants.
2011.04.08 India Srinagar 1 0 A moderate cleric is assassinated by Sunni hardliners at his mosque.
2011.04.08 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A TV network official is among two people murdered by Mujahid gunmen.
2011.04.08 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 52-year-old man is shot to death by Muslim “separatists.”
2011.04.08 Thailand Yala 2 0 A Buddhist man and his companion are shot full of holes by Muslim terrorists..
2011.04.08 Afghanistan Sari Pul 1 1 Religious extremists machine-gun the local police chief to death.
2011.04.07 Israel Ashkelon 1 1 Hamas successfully hits a school bus with an anti-tank missile, severely injuring a teenage student who dies ten days later.
2011.04.07 Brazil Rio de Janeiro 12 20 A convert to Islam walks into a school and guns down a dozen children, apparently inspired by fundamentalist websites.
2011.04.07 Iraq al-Rida 2 4 A sectarian blast near a mosque takes down two civilians.
2011.04.07 Somalia Bosasso 1 0 A tribal elder is gunned down by suspected al-Shabaab.
2011.04.07 Somalia Garowe 1 0 A peace activist is shot to death by al-Qaeda linked militants.
2011.04.07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim ‘insurgents’ stage a drive-by attack on a veterans office, killing a guard.
2011.04.07 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Sunni fundamentalists hurl a grenade into a barbershop, killing one patron.
2011.04.07 Afghanistan Kandahar 6 10 Six Afghans are murdered by a Taliban bomb hidden in an ambulance.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Quetta 1 17 A suicide car bomber rams into a house, killing a guard and injuring several children.
2011.04.06 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Boko Haram Islamists gun down two people in a drive-by.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Pir Kali 3 0 The Taliban kidnap and brutally execute three villagers.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Mohmand 4 0 A woman and three children are crushed to death when a suspected Taliban rocket hits their home.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Jerma 4 3 Four children playing near a pond are taken down by Mujahid bombers.
2011.04.05 Pakistan Darra Adam Khel 1 0 A farmer bleeds out following a Mujahideen rocket attack.
2011.04.05 Iraq Baaj 3 7 Islamists bomb another car dealership, taking down three civilians.
2011.04.05 Iraq Baghdad 6 3 Four young children, ages 4,6,9 and 14 are slaughtered in their own home by Mujahid gunmen. Their mother, widowed by an earlier attack is seriously wounded.
2011.04.05 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Three civilians at a car dealership are shredded by a suicide bomber.
2011.04.04 Iraq Jurf al-Sakhar 6 0 A bomb hidden on a boby-trapped corpse kills six Iraqis.
2011.04.04 Afghanistan Faryab 2 0 Two US soldiers are shot and killed by a terrorist in police uniform whom they were training.
2011.04.04 Pal. Auth. Jenin 1 0 A Israeli-Arab activist is gunned down by Islamic radicals unhappy with the secular character of his work.
2011.04.04 Pakistan Lower Dir 8 26 A suicide bomber detonates at a car showroom, sending eight souls to Allah.
2011.04.04 Pakistan Wana 1 0 The body of an abducted tribal elder is found two months after his kidnapping by Mujahideen.
2011.04.03 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 30 Two people are killed in an arson attack by a mob protesting a Quran desecration.
2011.04.03 Philippines Maguindanao 11 3 Moro Islamists ambush a group of villagers with automatic weapons, taking down eleven.
2011.04.03 Iraq Mosul 1 6 Islamists fire a rocket into a house, killing a woman.
2011.04.03 Iraq Ramadi 1 14 Mujahideen blow up local cop and injure fourteen others.
2011.04.03 Pakistan Sakhi Sarwar 50 72 Fifty Sufi worshippers are sent to Allah by two Sunni suicide bombers at their temple.
2011.04.03 Nigeria Bogoro 2 1 A Muslim mob, angered over rumor of a local Quran desecration storms a Christian village and kills two people.
2011.04.02 Afghanistan Kandahar 10 81 Ten more people are killed by a rampaging mob protesting a Quran burning.
2011.04.02 Iraq Kubisa 6 8 Terrorists shoot six security guards to death.
2011.04.02 Iraq Kut 2 0 A merchant and his bodyguard are victims of a targeted sectarian assassination.
2011.04.01 Pakistan Khyber 3 0 Religious extremists capture and cut the throats of three night watchmen
2011.04.01 Iraq Fallujah 3 7 Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2011.04.01 Afghanistan Mazar-e Sharif 12 20 Eight UN workers are among a dozen people beheaded or shot to death by a mob enraged over a Quran burning in Florida.
2011.04.01 Pakistan Dara Adam Khel 1 5 A suicide bomber takes out a 12-year-old boy at a market.
2011.03.31 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 0 Sunni militants toss a grenade into a home, killing an elderly man.
2011.03.31 Pakistan Charsadda 12 42 A Holy Warrior detonates in a crowd of people, sending at least twelve souls to Allah.
2011.03.31 Pakistan Khuzdar 1 0 Islamic militants flag down a truck and shoot the driver.
2011.03.31 Iraq Diwaniya 1 2 A civilian is killed by a Katyusha rocket.
2011.03.31 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 13-year-old boy is beheaded by Islamic extremists.
2011.03.30 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Fundamentalists fire randomly at a soccer match, killing a journalist.
2011.03.30 Nigeria Jos 2 5 Fulani raiders attack a college and murder two Christians.
2011.03.30 Pakistan Swabi 13 20 At least a dozen innocents are torn to shreds by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.03.30 Iraq Baghdad 5 1 Five family members are murdered in their own home by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.03.30 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 2 A civilian is crushed to death when a terrorist tries to ram a NATO patrol.
2011.03.29 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 1 Terrorists attack a family home, killing two brothers.
2011.03.29 Iraq Tikrit 56 98 Islamic militants invade a government building and go room-to-room shooting and blasting unarmed employees, leaving over fifty dead.
2011.03.28 Afghanistan Paktika 23 60 Three holy warriors detonate amid a construction crew, sending at least twenty souls to Allah.
2011.03.28 Pakistan Khyber 14 0 Fourteen security personnel die during a Taliban ambush.
2011.03.28 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Fundamentalists attack a suspected brothel, shooting six women and one man to death.
2011.03.28 Yemen Jaar 150 80 al-Qaeda radicals blow up an ammunitions factory, killing over one-hundred and fifty people, including women and children.
2011.03.27 Yemen Marib 6 12 An al-Qaeda ambush leaves six local soldiers dead.
2011.03.27 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A plantation worker is murdered by Muslim extremists on his way to work.
2011.03.27 Thailand Yala 1 1 Religious extremists shoot two villagers at a market, killing one.
2011.03.27 Pakistan Shahidano 4 3 A woman is among four people dismembered by a militant rocket on a family vehicle.
2011.03.26 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A man is shot five times by Islamists while riding a motorcycle.
2011.03.26 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 A professor is killed in a Sunni bomb attack.
2011.03.26 Iraq Abu Ghraib 3 0 Three family members are blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2011.03.26 Iraq Muqdadiya 1 1 Jihadi bombers take down a farmer and his son.
2011.03.25 Pakistan Kurram 13 8 A woman and child are among thirteen Shiites machine-gunned at point-blank range by Sunni gunmen.
2011.03.25 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia is taken down by Sunni snipers.
2011.03.25 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Islamic militants kill two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2011.03.25 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 0 A Muslim mob invades a Pentacostal church, burns Bibles and kills two worshippers.
2011.03.25 Afghanistan Nangarhar 2 1 Two children are successfully taken out by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2011.03.24 Somalia Mogadishu 4 7 A woman is among four civilians cut down by al-Shabaab gunfire.
2011.03.24 Iraq Hilla 4 0 Mujahideen kidnap, behead and execute four young men.
2011.03.24 Pakistan Hangu 8 25 A suicide bomber rams an explosives-packed car into a police station, killing two women and six other bystanders.
2011.03.24 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 25-year-old plantation worker is shot in the head by Muslim militants.
2011.03.23 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 A married couple and a female friend are brutally machine-gunned in their own home by Muslim ‘insurgents’.
2011.03.23 Israel Jerusalem 1 39 Palestinian terrorists leave a bomb at a bus stop which kills a female Bible translator and injures thirty others.
2011.03.23 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 Three people are injured in a series of Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2011.03.23 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Islamic bombers kill a man riding in an animal cart.
2011.03.22 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 0 After yelling abuse at worshippers outside a church, a Muslim mob opens fire, killing two.
2011.03.21 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Mujahideen kill a woman and wound her son and husband in a shooting attack.
2011.03.21 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Three people are killed by a Jihad bombing.
2011.03.21 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 3 Four employees of a security firm are shot to death by the Taliban.
2011.03.21 Pakistan Gwader 11 2 Islamic militants stage a rocket attack on a construction crew, killing eleven.
2011.03.21 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 Two civilians are cut down by Sunni gunmen.
2011.03.21 Pakistan Datta Khel 4 0 The Taliban kidnap, execute and mutilate four tribesmen.
2011.03.21 Iraq Najaf 2 0 Two shopowners are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
2011.03.21 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 2 Boko Haram Islamists shoot a man to death in a drive-by.
2011.03.21 Nigeria Baten 4 0 Two women and two children are hacked and shot to death during a Muslim raid on a Christian village.
2011.03.21 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A court official is murdered by Muslim militants.
2011.03.20 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 An 18-year-old woman is abducted and executed by suspected terrorists.
2011.03.20 Nigeria Jos 1 0 A Christian boy is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
2011.03.20 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two oil company employees are shot to death.
2011.03.20 Iraq Diala 6 0 Six family members, including three children, are cut to shreads by a brutal suicide bombing at their home.
2011.03.20 Egypt Qena 0 1 A Christian has his ear torn off by Muslims enforcing Sharia law.
2011.03.20 Nigeria Jos 2 0 Muslim extremists kill two worshippers with bombs placed at several churches.
2011.03.19 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Terrorists open fire on a construction worker and his wife.
2011.03.19 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 A bomb blast leaves three Iraqis dead.
2011.03.19 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A street vendor is cut down by Muslim gunmen.
2011.03.18 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 0 Two law enforcement officials are gunned down by Holy Warriors in separate attacks.
2011.03.18 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 Two brothers are shot to death in their own home by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2011.03.18 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three Thais are shot to death by Islamic militants.
2011.03.18 Iraq Baiji 3 0 Three shepherds are taken down by Sunni roadside bombers.
2011.03.17 Yemen Marib 3 0 al-Qaeda take out three policemen at a checkpoint with automatic weapons.
2011.03.16 Somalia Mogadishu 10 50 A pregnant woman is among ten civilians bleeding out following an al-Shabaab mortar attack.
2011.03.16 Iraq Buhriz 1 1 Suspected al-Qaeda invade a home, murder a man and injure his wife.
2011.03.16 Thailand Marib 1 1 Muslim terrorists shoot a civilian off the back of a motorbike.
2011.03.16 Iraq Kirkuk 2 35 A woman and her newborn baby are taken apart by a Jihad car bomb outside a hospital.
2011.03.15 Afghanistan Laghman 1 0 A civilian is killed in a roadside bombing by Sunni hardliners.
2011.03.15 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three men sitting outside an auto repair shop are riddled with bullets by Muslim ‘insurgents’.
2011.03.15 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 0 The Taliban plant a bomb in a classroom, killing a teacher.
2011.03.15 Indonesia Jakarta 0 4 A bomb sent to a moderate scholar, deemed an ‘enemy of Islam’, injures four.
2011.03.15 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamists gun down a 69-year-old man.
2011.03.15 Thailand Songkhla 1 1 Muslim radicals shoot a Buddhist plantation worker to death an injure his wife.
2011.03.15 Thailand Songkhla 1 0 A Buddhist teacher is murdered by Mujahideen.
2011.03.15 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Religion of Peace gunmen open fire on a tea shop, killing two Buddhist patrons.
2011.03.14 Somalia Fiidow 4 9 al-Shabaab militants fire on a public bus, killing four passengers.
2011.03.14 Nigeria Plateau 6 0 Five family members are among six Christian villagers slaughtered by Muslim raiders.
2011.03.14 Iraq Diyala 11 14 Eleven Iraqi security personnel are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.03.14 Afghanistan Kunduz 36 42 Four children are among three dozen innocents dismembered by a massive suicide blast at a recruitment center.
2011.03.13 Yemen Zinjubar 1 2 al-Qaeda gunmen murder a local cop.
2011.03.13 Afghanistan Helmand 6 0 Six civilians are taken down by Taliban roadside bombers.
2011.03.13 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A moderate cleric is shot to death by Islamic radicals in a drive-by attack outside his home..
2011.03.13 Pakistan Hangu 9 6 Islamic militants fire indiscriminately into a van carrying Shia civilians, killing nine.
2011.03.12 Pakistan Hairdin 6 0 A married couple and their four young children are turned into debris by an Islamist mortar attack on their home.
2011.03.12 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 Seven Iraqi soldiers on their way to work are brutally machine-gunned in their car at point-blank range.
2011.03.12 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 Jihad bombers take down a local.
2011.03.12 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four civilians are cut to shreds by a roadside bomb.
2011.03.12 Israel Itamar 5 0 A baby and two young children are slaughtered in their home along with their parents, who fought the Muslims in vain to keep their children from being stabbed to death.
2011.03.11 Yemen al-Deyo 4 5 Four security personnel are taken out by an al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.03.11 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A seminary teacher is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2011.03.10 Philippines Jolo 3 11 Abu Sayyaf militants detonate a shrapnel bomb outside a school, killing three innocents.
2011.03.10 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 Mujahideen fire on a car containing a peace committee contingent, killing the driver.
2011.03.10 Iraq Baghdad 6 3 Islamic terrorists rob a jewelry store to fund their operation, shooting six people to death in the process.
2011.03.10 Afghanistan Kunduz 3 8 A local police chief on patrol is among three people ripped to shreds by a suicide bomber.
2011.03.10 Nigeria Bauchi 3 5 At least three residents are killed when Fulani raiders sweep their village, shooting and burning homes.
2011.03.09 Egypt Cairo 9 150 Nine Copts, including a child, are killed and over a hundred more injured when a Muslim mob hurls firebombs and shoots into a group protesting a church burning.
2011.03.09 Iraq al-Makheirja 2 2 Mujahideen toss a grenade into a family home, killing a man and a woman.
2011.03.09 Pakistan Adezai 43 52 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at the funeral of the wife of a peace committee member, sending over 40 souls to Allah.
2011.03.09 Iraq Diyala 1 1 A 3-year-old girl is dismembered, and her father seriously wounded by a targeted al-Qaeda blast outside their house.
2011.03.08 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Mujahideen assassinate a university professor.
2011.03.08 Iraq Fallujah 1 0 A civilian is cut down by sectarian gunmen.
2011.03.08 Ethiopia Asendabo 2 0 Two Christians are killed when angry Muslims rampage through their community, burning churches and homes.
2011.03.08 Pakistan Faisalabad 32 125 Islamists detonate a massive bomb at a gas station, incinerating over thirty innocents.
2011.03.08 Algeria Djelfa 5 0 Fundamentalist bombers attack a group of bird hunters, killing five.
2011.03.08 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 0 A government employee is dragged out of his home and stabbed to death in front of his family.
2011.03.08 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ knock a man off his motorcycle and then shoot him twice in the head.
2011.03.07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic ‘separatists’ shoot a man to death as he is returning home from work.
2011.03.07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists murder a 61-year-old man in an attack the leaves his young granddaughter seriously injured.
2011.03.07 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 19 Hardliners plant a bomb in front of a rival mosque, killing two people.
2011.03.07 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A sectarian attack leaves one dead.
2011.03.07 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A Buddhist man is killed and his mother seriously wounded in an Islamic drive-by.
2011.03.06 Thailand Pattani 1 3 A 64-year-old man is murdered when Muslim militants fire on a group of teachers.
2011.03.06 Iraq Basra 8 12 ‘Insurgents’ attach a bomb to a passenger bus, killing eight innocents.
2011.03.06 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two students die in an ‘insurgent’ ambush.
2011.03.06 Afghanistan Paktika 12 5 Five children are among a dozen civilians who bleed out following a fundamentalist roadside bombing.
2011.03.06 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists shoot a 23-year-old man to death in front of his mother.
2011.03.06 Thailand Pattani 1 4 Muslim militants open fire on a market, killing a guard and seriously injuring four patrons.
2011.03.06 Yemen Zinjibar 2 0 Islamic militia murder two men, one at a vegetable market.
2011.03.06 Yemen Marib 4 0 Four security personnel are taken down by al-Qaeda.
2011.03.05 Iraq Khalis 2 2 Terrorists burst into a cafe and shoot dead two patrons.
2011.03.05 Thailand Pattani 1 2 A Buddhist monk is shot through the head in a Muslim drive-by. Two others are injured.
2011.03.05 Iraq Abu Kamis 1 0 Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen murder a civilian.
2011.03.05 Iraq Hilla 4 0 Terrorists take down four Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2011.03.05 Pakistan Mohmand 2 7 Two members of a peace committee are taken apart by a Taliban rocket attack.
2011.03.05 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 A cleric and his son are murdered by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.03.04 Egypt Sol 2 0 A Muslim mob, angry over a relationship between a Muslim girl and Christian boy, kills the two fathers and burns down a church.
2011.03.04 Pakistan Danda 1 0 Terrorists shoot a man to death outside a cafe for the crime of insulting Islam two years earlier.
2011.03.04 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A radical Sunni group is thought responsible for the murder of a factory guard.
2011.03.04 Pakistan Nowshera 10 37 Sunnis detonate a powerful bomb at a Sufi mosque during Friday prayers, taking down ten worshippers.
2011.03.03 Pakistan Khyber 6 3 Islamic militants ambush a vehicle and kill six security officers.
2011.03.03 Iraq Haditha 8 10 A suicide bomber wades into a crowd at a bank and sends eight customers to Allah.
2011.03.03 Pakistan Hangu 9 31 Women and children are among the casualties when a suicide car bomber detonates along a city street.
2011.03.02 Pakistan Islamabad 1 1 A Catholic cabinet minister is brutally shot to death in his car after being accused of blasphemy.
2011.03.02 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A seminary teacher is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2011.03.02 Iraq Ramadi 1 3 One victims bleeds out after a suicide bomber attacks a rival mosque.
2011.03.02 Iraq Baghdad 1 20 A sectarian bombing leaves one person dead.
2011.03.02 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Mujahideen bombers blow up a home, killing a civilian.
2011.03.02 Germany Frankfurt 2 2 A gunmen yells ‘Allah Akbar’ and opens fire on unarmed US soldiers on a bus, killing two.
2011.03.01 Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa 2 0 Islamists are suspected of shooting a farmer and one other person to death.
2011.03.01 Pakistan Mardan 1 19 One student is killed when the Taliban throw a grenade into a girl’s school.
2011.03.01 Pakistan Mohmand 3 1 Three tribesman are killed by a Taliban landmine.
2011.03.01 Yemen Abyan 2 11 An ambulance driver is among two people slain in an al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.03.01 Pakistan Miranshah 4 0 Four villagers are abducted and executed in captivity by Sunni fundamentalists.
2011.03.01 Ethiopia Oma 0 17 Seventeen students are beaten with rods and pelted with stones for distributing Bibles.
2011.03.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Boko Haram gunmen murder an off-duty cop in his home.
2011.03.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A guard at a church is gunned down in an Islamist drive-by.
2011.03.01 Pakistan Bara 1 0 Religion of Peace proponents behead a civilian and dump his head and torso in separate areas.
2011.02.28 Nigeria Kaduna 2 0 Two guards die from bullet wounds after Boko Haram gunmen roll up on a police station.
2011.02.28 India Baramulla 1 0 A shopkeeper is murdered by Mujahideen gunmen.
2011.02.28 India Srinagar 1 0 An engineer and father of three dies from shrapnel injuries suffered from an Islamist grenade attack at a market.
2011.02.28 Turkey Mersin 1 0 A 19-year-old woman is stabbed to death by her family after running away with her boyfriend.
2011.02.28 Nigeria Dabwak 5 0 A Christian mother and four of her children are slaughtered in their home by Muslim militants..
2011.02.27 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 54-year-old salesman is shot to death by Muslim militants.
2011.02.27 Pakistan Landi Kotal 1 0 A tribal elder is abducted and murdered by suspected Lashkar-e-Islam.
2011.02.27 India Pulwama 1 0 Islamic militants shoot a truck driver to death in his home.
2011.02.27 Afghanistan Arghandab 8 25 Taliban bombers take down eight civilians at a public event.
2011.02.27 Somalia Mandera 1 10 A woman is killed when Islamic militia attack a Red Cross office.
2011.02.26 Afghanistan Khost 9 0 Three children and four women are among nine civilians pulverized by a roadside blast.
2011.02.26 Afghanistan Faryab 4 30 A teenage suicide bomber detonates at a playing field, killing at least four civilian spectators.
2011.02.26 Iraq Baiji 4 0 Terrorists attack an oil refinery and murder four employees.
2011.02.26 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A university professor is assassinated by suspected fundamentalists.
2011.02.26 Pakistan Peshawar 4 17 Mujahideen attack a fuel station, killing four people.
2011.02.25 Iraq Fallujah 6 1 al-Qaeda gunmen storm a home and shoot six residents to death.
2011.02.25 Russia Nalchik 0 12 A dozen guards are injured when Islamists try to stage a grenade attack on a hospital.
2011.02.24 Pakistan Peshawar 4 0 Four drivers and their assistants are incinerated when Islamists firebomb a group of fuel tankers.
2011.02.24 Iraq Mahata 4 0 A man and his three sons are brutally shot to death by al-Qaeda fundamentalists.
2011.02.24 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 70-year-old Christian man is stabbed to death in his home by Muslim radicals.
2011.02.24 Egypt Wadi el-Natroun 0 19 Two monks are among nineteen injured when military forces storm a Coptic monastery with live ammunition.
2011.02.24 Iraq Ramadi 11 18 A Sunni suicide bomber detonates at a Shia cultural center, shredding eleven innocent lives.
2011.02.24 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 1 26 Two suicide car bombers kill only the guard managing to stop them.
2011.02.23 Egypt Assiut 1 0 A priest is brutally stabbed to death in his home by killers shouting ‘Allah Akbar!’
2011.02.23 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A cop is gunned down by Boko Haram Islamists.
2011.02.23 Gaza Khan Younis 1 2 A 10-year-old girl is killed when a Hamas bomb detonate prematurely.
2011.02.23 Pakistan Landikotal 5 2 Five local security personnel are killed during a Taliban assault on their post.
2011.02.22 Oman Coast 4 0 A retired missionary couple is among four Americans taken hostage and executed in cold blood by Muslim pirates.
2011.02.22 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 An imam in murdered in his mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.02.22 Nigeria Borno 18 7 Eighteen Christian villagers are massacred during a Muslim raid.
2011.02.22 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 38-year-old man is murdered in an ‘insurgent’ drive-by shooting.
2011.02.22 Pakistan Torghundai 6 10 Three children, ages 3, 6 & 8, and two women are among six killed in their homes by a Taliban rocket attack.
2011.02.21 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A Buddhist couple is targeted by Muslim terrorists, with the husband dying from injuries.
2011.02.21 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 32-year-old Buddhist is murdered by Islamic gunmen while walking home from a tea shop.
2011.02.21 Iraq Samarrah 12 18 A dozen police sent to guard Shia pilgrims are blown to bits by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2011.02.21 Afghanistan Kunduz 31 40 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends over thirty civilians to their death as they are lining up for identity cards.
2011.02.21 Thailand Yala 1 12 Muslim bombers set off a blast in front of a supermarket, killing a local woman.
2011.02.21 Somalia Mogadishu 14 35 al-Shabaab suicide attackers ram an explosives-laden vehicle into a soccer match, killing over fourteen people.
2011.02.21 Pakistan Hajano 1 0 A 55-year-old woman is murdered in her sleep by her son for having an affair.
2011.02.21 Yemen Sanaa 5 6 Five people, including civilians, are killed when al-Qaeda gunmen roll up on a checkpoint.
2011.02.20 Thailand Narathiwat 0 17 Children are among the casualties when Muslim militants set off a car bomb a rake a restaurant with gunfire.
2011.02.20 Iraq Shirqat 2 6 A suicide car bomber cruises into a rival mosque, killing at least two.
2011.02.20 Pakistan Mosakki 2 0 Two villagers are murdered by Islamic militants.
2011.02.20 Iraq Shirqat 2 6 A suicide bomber detonates at a rival mosque, killing two worshippers.
2011.02.19 Afghanistan Jalalabad 42 71 Sunni hardliners send suicide bombers and gunmen into a bank to massacre over forty people.
2011.02.19 Russia Zayukovo 4 1 Caucasus Emirate terrorists stop a van full of ski tourists and then machine-gun them to death.
2011.02.18 Afghanistan Nangarhar 2 0 Two bomb disposal team members are murdered by Taliban roadside bombers.
2011.02.18 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim gunmen take down a 44-year-old man.
2011.02.18 Afghanistan Baghlan 3 7 Three German soldiers working on a vehicle are machine-gunned at close range by a terrorist in a friendly uniform.
2011.02.18 Nigeria Darazo 2 2 A civilian and bank guard are killed in separate attacks by suspected Boko Haram.
2011.02.18 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A 19-year-old man is shot in the head and neck by Muslim ‘separatists’.
2011.02.18 Afghanistan Khost 11 40 Women and children are among the dead when a devout Sunni detonates in a commercial district, taking eleven others with him.
2011.02.18 India Bandipora 1 0 Islamists gun down a local political activist.
2011.02.18 Afghanistan Nangahar 3 0 Three Afghans are shredded by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2011.02.17 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A university professor is lynched in his home by ‘insurgents’.
2011.02.17 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A local soldier is shot in the head and neck by Islamists while riding to work with his wife.
2011.02.17 Iraq al-Maqdadiyah 13 35 Thirteen souls at an auto trade fair are sent to Allah by suicide car bombers.
2011.02.17 Afghanistan Kunduz 2 0 The Taliban take down two Afghans with a well-placed bomb.
2011.02.17 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Sectarian Jihadis stab three women to death in their home and detonate a bomb that injures ten Iranian pilgrims.
2011.02.17 Pakistan Bannu 1 0 One person is killed in two bombings by Islamic militants, one of which was at a girls’ school.
2011.02.17 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Terrorists shoot a journalist to death.
2011.02.16 Iraq Khalidiya 2 0 Two brothers are murdered in their home by Islamic gunmen.
2011.02.16 Yemen Hadramout 1 3 A top intelligence official is shot to death in his car by al-Qaeda militants.
2011.02.15 Iraq Kut 1 0 A Mujahideen sniper kills an Iraqi interpreter.
2011.02.15 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Two people are killed when Boko Haram gunmen attack two churches.
2011.02.15 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 0 Sunni hardliners kidnap and publicly execute two civilians.
2011.02.15 Iraq Baghdad 4 6 A woman is among four civilians taken down by a pair of Jihad bomb blasts.
2011.02.14 Afghanistan Kabul 2 2 Two guards at a shopping mall sacrifice themselves stopping a Shahid suicide bomber from entering.
2011.02.14 Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa 4 0 Four civilians are abducted and executed by Mujahideen Khurasaan terrorists.
2011.02.14 Russia Gubden 3 26 A female suicide bomber murders three people.
2011.02.13 Somalia Mogadishu 3 10 Three civilians die from shrapnel injuries suffered when Islamists throw a grenade into the street.
2011.02.13 Iran Tehran 1 0 A pro-democracy protester is shot to death by the government.
2011.02.13 Thailand Yala 0 18 Eighteen people are injured when Islamic radicals detonate a car bomb outside a bank.
2011.02.12 Afghanistan Kandahar 21 45 Fedayeen gunmen with explosives vests attack a police station, killing at least twenty-one, including civilians.
2011.02.12 Iraq Samarrah 36 64 Three dozen Shia pilgrims on a bus are massacred by Sunni suicide bomber.
2011.02.11 Pakistan Mardan 5 0 Five civilians are brutally executed in captivity by Taliban militants.
2011.02.11 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A young mother is shot in the head by Islamists while carrying her 2-year-old daughter.
2011.02.11 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim gunmen take down two men in separate attacks, one at a market and the other in front of a mosque.
2011.02.10 Nigeria Alice 2 3 A father is among two Christians shot to death by militant Muslims in their homes.
2011.02.10 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 32-year-old is shot to death by Muslim ‘separatists’.
2011.02.10 Nigeria Kuru 5 9 A 4-year-old is one of five Christian villagers hacked and shot to death by Islamic raiders.
2011.02.10 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Two women are among three Buddhist civilians viciously murdered and then burned by Muslim extremists.
2011.02.10 Pakistan North Waziristan 3 0 Sunni hardliners kidnap and execute three people, then throw the bodies into a sack.
2011.02.10 Afghanistan Kunduz 7 5 Seven people lose their lives to a Shahid suicide bomber.
2011.02.10 Pakistan Mardan 31 50 A teenage suicide bomber dressed as a schoolboy ‘gives his life to Islam’ – and takes thirty-one others with him.
2011.02.10 Iraq Dujail 9 39 Nine Shia pilgrims on foot, mostly women and children, are brutally blown to bits by Sunni car bombers
2011.02.09 Iraq Kirkuk 11 104 Three car bombs leave at least eleven Iraqis dead.
2011.02.09 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A man and his son are forced out of their home by Muslim terrorists and machine-gunned to death.
2011.02.09 Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa 4 6 Four security personnel are taken down in two remote-controlled bombings.
2011.02.09 Pakistan Charsadda 1 3 A civilian at a cattle market is killed by a remote-controlled bomb.
2011.02.09 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 0 Two policemen are gunned down in cold blood by suspected Islamic ‘rebels’.
2011.02.08 Indonesia Temanggung 0 7 A Muslim mob viciously beats a priest trying unsuccessfully to keep them from burning three churches and an orphanage.
2011.02.08 Afghanistan Balkh 1 3 Islamists attack a bomb to a police vehicle which results in the death of an occupant.
2011.02.08 Thailand Yala 1 1 A 58-year-old Buddhist man and his wife are shot in their pickup truck by Muslim ‘insurgents’.
2011.02.08 Somalia Galka’y 1 0 A judge is assassinated by al-Shabaab gunmen.
2011.02.08 India Thakurdwara 1 0 A 19-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her brother on suspicion of having sex.
2011.02.07 Pakistan Hangu 2 6 Hardliners fire rockets into a police vehicle, killing two officers.
2011.02.07 Afghanistan Bak 1 0 A local official is assassinated by Sunni fundamentalists.
2011.02.07 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 5 An customs official is taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.02.07 Iraq Iskandariya 2 0 A woman is among two Iraqis murdered by Mujahideen bombers.
2011.02.06 Indonesia Banten 3 6 Three members of the Ahmadiyah minority sect are dragged out of their homes and beaten to death by a Sunni mob chanting ‘Allah Akbar’.
2011.02.06 Philippines Kabacan 6 6 A 4-year-old boy is among six civilians killed in the crossfire when rival Religion of Peace groups shoot at each other.
2011.02.06 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Muslim radicals are suspected in the shooting death of a Hindu man.
2011.02.06 Pakistan Nut Kallan 1 0 A young Christian is tortured to death by several Muslims.
2011.02.05 Iraq Balad 2 3 Sunni bombers target a Shia shrine, killing two pilgrims.
2011.02.05 Pakistan Karak 4 0 Four civilians are abducted and shot to death. Notes pinned to their bodies accuse them of being Jewish spies.
2011.02.05 Philippines M’lang 2 0 Two farmers are shot to death in their field by Moro Islamists.
2011.02.05 DRC Kivu 12 0 ADF-NALU terrorists kidnap, torture and murder a dozen villagers.
2011.02.05 Pakistan Khyber 3 2 Three civilians are ripped to pieces by a car bomb.
2011.02.04 Iraq Tuz Khormato 3 0 Two teenage boys are among three Iraqis blown to bits in a targeted bombing.
2011.02.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 The Taliban gun down a bank guard.
2011.02.04 Thailand Pattani 1 2 Militant Muslims fire into a Buddhist village, killing one.
2011.02.04 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia leader dies from wounds suffered in a sectarian attack the night before.
2011.02.04 Somalia Mudug 1 0 A young boy is shot in the back by al-Shabaab for trying to flee forced prayer.
2011.02.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 3 Women and children are among the casualties when Jihadi bombers target a market.
2011.02.04 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two security personnel are murdered by Muslim bombers.
2011.02.03 Iraq Ramadi 6 19 A Shahid suicide bomber murders six Iraqis.
2011.02.03 Thailand Pattani 5 2 Muslim militants spray a group of elderly Buddhists at a market with machine-gun fire, killing five.
2011.02.03 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim radicals slit the throat of a 49-year-old plantation worker.
2011.02.03 Iraq Baghdad 6 24 Three Mujahid bombings take down six Iraqis.
2011.02.03 Pakistan Lahore 3 27 Islamic militants bomb a rival shrine during food distribution, killing three.
2011.02.03 Afghanistan Kunduz 3 0 A man and his two young sons are ripped to shreds by Taliban bombers.
2011.02.03 Mauritania Bezoul 1 0 A local cop is gunned down by al-Qaeda militants.
2011.02.02 Russia Chegem 5 0 Islamic radicals burst into a cafe and gun down five traffic cops in cold blood.
2011.02.02 Pakistan Vehari 1 0 A 14-year-old girl is slowly shocked to death by her family for refusing to marry a cousin.
2011.02.02 Pakistan Peshawar 10 26 Women and children are among a dozen innocents slain when Sunnis set off a bomb at a crowded market.
2011.02.02 Pakistan Anargi 3 4 Three local security forces are killed in a Tehreek-e-Taliban attack on their post.
2011.02.02 Iraq Baghdad 6 18 Six Iraqis are killed in a series of Jihad attacks.
2011.02.02 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Three civilians are murdered by Muslim roadside bombers.
2011.02.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 1 Islamic gunmen murder a police officer and critically injure his young daughter.
2011.02.01 Thailand Yala 4 0 Two Buddhist children, ages 7 and 15, are kidnapped and shot to death by Religion of Peace ‘separatists’.
2011.02.01 Somalia Mogadishu 1 5 al-Shabaab bombers take out a local cop.
2011.02.01 Pakistan Kharan 2 0 Militants fire on an oil tanker, killing a driver and helper.
2011.02.01 Somalia Mogadishu 3 7 Three Somalis are killed by Islamic militia in a roadside attack.
2011.02.01 Somalia Banadir 2 0 Mujahideen set off a bomb near a hospital, killing two civilians.
2011.01.31 Pakistan Hayat Abad 1 3 Terrorists use a remote-controlled bomb to murder a traffic cop.
2011.01.31 Pakistan Peshawar 5 19 Five people are torn to shreds by a suicide bomber on foot.
2011.01.31 Ingushetia Nazran 1 0 Islamic snipers shoot an administration official to death in his car near a market.
2011.01.31 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 An engineer is shot to death by Mujahideen.
2011.01.31 Bangladesh Shariatpur 1 0 A 14-year-old girl is lashed to death on the orders of a Sharia council. Her “crime” was having been raped by a 40-year-old married man.
2011.01.31 India Sopore 2 0 Two teenage daughters of a poor laborer are pulled out of their home and brutally executed by Lashkar-e-Toiba, reportedly for reading the Bible.
2011.01.30 Egypt Sharona 11 4 Very young children are among eleven members of two Coptic families shot to death in their homes at point-blank range by Islamic radicals.
2011.01.30 Israel Beersheba 0 1 An 18-year-old girl is shot by her brother over Facebook pictures that he felt ‘dishonored’ the family.
2011.01.30 Nigeria Ayaruje 3 0 Three Christian villagers are hacked to death by Muslims with machetes.
2011.01.30 Pakistan Jhanda Masood 2 0 Two children are killed by a suspected Tehreek-e-Taliban landmine.
2011.01.30 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A checkpoint guard is shot to death by Islamic snipers.
2011.01.29 Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa 2 6 Two civilians are taken out by Islamic hardliners in an ambush.
2011.01.29 Yemen Marib 1 4 One member of a security patrol is killed by an al-Qaeda sniper.
2011.01.29 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 3 A deputy governor is assassinated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.01.29 Thailand Pattani 0 4 A Buddhist monk and three others are injured by a Mujahideen bomb blast while collecting alms.
2011.01.29 Somalia Mogadishu 5 16 al-Shabaab takes responsibility for an attack that leaves five civilians dead.
2011.01.29 Nigeria Jos 1 0 A Muslim soldier deliberately shoots a 6-year-old Christian boy to death before he is taken down by other soldiers.
2011.01.29 Pakistan Peshawar 4 19 Two women are among four civilians incinerated by twin truck bombs targeting a road tunnel.
2011.01.28 Nigeria Jos 3 0 Three university students belonging to a local church are stabbed to death by Muslim terrorists.
2011.01.28 Nigeria Borno 7 0 Boko Haram Islamists take credit for shooting seven people to death outside a mosque.
2011.01.28 Afghanistan Kabul 8 15 Four children and their family member are slaughtered at a supermarket by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2011.01.28 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim ‘insurgents’ gun down a 35-year-old man in front of his home.
2011.01.27 Iraq Baghdad 48 121 Dedicated Sunni suicide bombers take down fifty Shiite mourners at a funeral.
2011.01.27 Dagestan Khasavyurt 4 6 Four people sitting at a cafe bleed out following an Islamist car bomb blast.
2011.01.27 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 14 8 Muslim raiders invade four Christian villages and hack fourteen people to death in their own homes.
2011.01.27 Somalia Lafole 0 10 Ten people are severely thrashed by Islamists for ‘anti-Islam’ crimes, including watching porn.
2011.01.27 Iraq Baghdad 2 7 In the aptly named Jihad neighborhood, a bomb left on a bus kills two passengers.
2011.01.27 Thailand Yala 1 0 A Buddhist mother is shot to death in front of her child by Islamic militants.
2011.01.27 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two men bleed out following an ‘insurgent’ drive-by.
2011.01.27 Nigeria Were 2 11 Islamic radicals kill two people and burn down several Christian homes.
2011.01.26 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 1 Boko Haram extremists fire on a school, killing a guard.
2011.01.26 Yemen Hadramout 5 3 A vicious al-Qaeda ambush on a post office vehicle leaves five people dead.
2011.01.25 Philippines Minila 5 13 Abu Sayyaf militants plant a bomb on a packed bus, killing at least five passengers.
2011.01.25 Pakistan Karachi 4 5 A motorcycle bomb leaves four people dead.
2011.01.25 Pakistan Lahore 10 70 A 16-year-old Sunni suicide bomber from the terror group Fedayeen Islam sends ten Shia pilgrims to Allah.
2011.01.25 Thailand Yala 9 2 Nine Buddhists returning from a hunting trip are blown to smithereens by Muslim bombers.
2011.01.25 Afghanistan Mullah Quli 2 0 Video surfaces of a brutal stoning the previous August of two young lovers.
2011.01.24 Iraq Karbala 12 32 Sunnis send a dozen Shia pilgrims to Allah with a car bomb.
2011.01.24 Pakistan Landikotal 1 2 A suspected Taliban mortar shell lands on a house, killing a young boy.
2011.01.24 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A 48-year-old pickup truck driver is shot several times in the head by Islamic ‘separatists’ .
2011.01.24 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A soldier on sick leave is gunned down by Islamists along a city street.
2011.01.24 Iraq Karbala 14 164 Fourteen Shia pilgrims on foot are shredded by another Sunni car bomb following an earlier blast.
2011.01.24 Russia Moscow 35 130 Three dozen innocent people at an airport are cut to shreds by shrapnel from two suicide bombers.
2011.01.23 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A guard outside a church is murdered by Islamic gunmen.
2011.01.23 Iraq Tarmiyah 2 0 Two young boys are killed by a Jihad bomb planted outside a school.
2011.01.23 Iraq Baghdad 10 30 Pilgrims are among ten people killed by a series of Sunni suicide bombings.
2011.01.23 Iraq Taji 2 0 Islamic terrorists murder a farmer and son on their way to sell their harvest.
2011.01.23 Pakistan Hangu 3 4 Religious militants ride up to a vehicle and machine-gun three civilians to death.
2011.01.23 Nigeria Biu 1 2 Boko Haram radicals gun down a soldier at a checkpoint.
2011.01.23 Pakistan Bahawalpur 1 0 A 17-year-old girl is electrocuted by her family for falling in love with the wrong man.
2011.01.23 Nigeria Jos 8 5 A woman and daughter are among six Christian villagers are hacked to death in the middle of the night during two separate Muslim raids.
2011.01.22 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 6 Two children are crushed to death when Wahabbi militants fire a rocket into their home.
2011.01.22 Afghanistan Helmand 1 9 A local cop is taken down by a roadside bomb.
2011.01.22 Pakistan Orakzai 3 6 Three locals are cut down by a Taliban bomb.
2011.01.22 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A man riding a motorcycle is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2011.01.21 Pakistan Kurram 2 0 Islamic militants shoot two villagers to death.
2011.01.20 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 A Shia doctor is among two people killed in targeted sectarian attacks.
2011.01.20 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 4 A child is among three civilians taken down by a Taliban bomb.
2011.01.20 Pakistan Kurram 3 0 Three civilians are killed when their farm equipment rolls over a Taliban landmine.
2011.01.20 Iraq Baghdad 1 10 A Shia pilgrim on foot is murdered by Sunni bombers.
2011.01.20 Iraq Baqubah 3 30 Mujahideen detonate a car bomb outside a police station, killing three Iraqis.
2011.01.20 Iraq Karbala 51 182 At least fifty Shiites are wiped out by four separate Sunni bombings at entry points to their holy city.
2011.01.20 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Terrorists gun down a young married couple at an evening market.
2011.01.20 Pakistan Kohat 6 2 Six oil workers are shot to death by Mujahideen.
2011.01.20 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 Sunni fundamentalists calmly walk up to a 50-year-old man and shoot him in the back of the head.
2011.01.20 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 23-year-old man loses his life to an Islamic drive-by.
2011.01.19 Afghanistan Paktika 20 0 Thirteen children and six women are among twenty civilians taken out by Taliban roadside bombers.
2011.01.19 Philippines Albarka 1 0 A local soldier dies from injuries suffered during an Abu Sayyaf ambush.
2011.01.19 Thailand Narathiwat 4 6 Four local soldiers are killed during a surprise assault by Muslim terrorists while they are eating and playing soccer with the locals.
2011.01.19 Pakistan Khyber 3 0 Three truck drivers are abducted and shot in the head at close range by Holy Warriors.
2011.01.19 Iraq Ghalbiyah 2 16 Two Shiite pilgrims are sent to Allah by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2011.01.19 Pakistan Peshawar 2 14 Children are among the casualties when fundamentalists bomb a school that teaches girls.
2011.01.19 Iraq Baqubah 15 64 Innovative Muslims use an explosives-packed ambulance to slaughter fifteen unsuspecting Iraqis.
2011.01.18 Afghanistan Bala Murgab 1 1 An Italian soldier is shot in the head by a terrorist wearing a friendly uniform.
2011.01.18 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Four terrorists, pretending to be customers, shoot a shop owner three times in the chest.
2011.01.18 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 43-year-old Buddhist woman is shot in the head by militant Muslims.
2011.01.18 Pakistan Razmak 3 3 Three Pakistanis are killed by a Taliban rocket attack.
2011.01.18 Pakistan Ghaziabad 2 0 A man hacks his wife and 17-year-old daughter to death three months apart with a meat cleaver on suspicion of ‘illicit relations’.
2011.01.18 Pakistan Hangu 4 0 Four men are brutally executed by Tehreek-e-Taliban radicals.
2011.01.18 Iraq Tikrit 66 160 Sixty-six innocents are cut down by a religious radical with a ball-bearing packed suicide vest.
2011.01.17 Iraq Anbar 1 9 A Shahid suicide bomber kills at least one Iraqi.
2011.01.17 Somalia Mogadishu 5 12 Islamic militants fire a mortar into a residential area, killing five innocents.
2011.01.17 Pakistan Hangu 18 9 Eighteen people on a bus are ripped apart by fundamentalist bombers.
2011.01.17 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three religious minorities, a mother and two daughters, are found dead and suspected to have been murdered for their faith.
2011.01.16 Afghanistan Baghlan 9 0 Six women, two men and a child are blown to bits by Taliban bombers while traveling to a wedding.
2011.01.16 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A young man is shot in the head by Jihadis while drinking tea.
2011.01.16 Chechnya Grozny 1 5 Jihadis fire into a checkpoint, killing a policeman.
2011.01.16 Afghanistan Pakitya 1 2 A Taliban mine dismembers an Afgan civilian.
2011.01.15 Afghanistan Helmand 6 3 Six civilians are killed when religious extremists bomb their minivan.
2011.01.15 Russia Kabardino-Balkariya 1 0 An Islamic militant shoots a cattle-breeder to death for refusing to finance Jihad.
2011.01.15 Chechnya Grozny 1 2 A roadside bomb leaves one civilian dead.
2011.01.15 Iraq Mosul 0 1 A Christian doctor is brutally shot and seriously injured in a targeted hospital attack.
2011.01.15 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 51-year-old man is machine-gunned to death in front of a mosque.
2011.01.15 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A young Buddhist math teacher is shot three times in the head by Islamic terrorists.
2011.01.14 Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa 6 3 Religion of Peace advocates slaughter a policewoman and her family in her home, including her children.
2011.01.14 Afghanistan Zabul 7 0 Taliban bombers successfully kill seven civilians riding in a car.
2011.01.14 Dagestan Khasavyurt 4 5 Islamists bomb a cafe, leaving four people dead.
2011.01.13 Pakistan Sardikhel 4 5 Hardliners take down five local police with a remote-controlled bomb.
2011.01.13 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 Terrorists murder a member of a peace committee outside a mosque.
2011.01.13 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia is shot to death in a targeted attack by a Sunni.
2011.01.13 Iraq Baghdad 2 9 Two people are killed in bombings near a mosque.
2011.01.13 Afghanistan Bannu 2 3 Fundamentalists use a bomb to kill two people.
2011.01.13 Pakistan Khyber 1 4 A policeman is machine-gunned to death by Islamic militants.
2011.01.13 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 1 A police officer is gunned down by Mujahideen.
2011.01.13 Dagestan Levashinsky 1 0 Muslim gunmen murder a man in his own home.
2011.01.13 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 3 A child bleeds out following a bombing at a market by Islamic extremists.
2011.01.12 Pakistan Peshawar 2 7 Two women are blown to bits by Taliban roadside bombers. Children are among the injured.
2011.01.12 Afghanistan Farah 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by Sunni bombers.
2011.01.12 Pakistan Bannu 20 14 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber sends at least twenty souls to Allah.
2011.01.12 Afghanistan Kabul 2 32 Two civilians are taken down by a suicide bomber on a passenger bus.
2011.01.11 Egypt Samalout 1 5 A policeman boards a train and opens fire on a group of elderly Christians while yelling ‘Allah Akbar.’ A 71-year-old victim dies on the scene.
2011.01.11 Pakistan Hangu 2 0 A tribal elder and his driver are machine-gunned in their car by Mujahideen.
2011.01.11 Nigeria Kuru Station 16 3 Children are among the victims when Muslims attack a Christian village, hacking sixteen to death and burning their homes.
2011.01.11 Thailand Yala 2 0 Husband and wife plantation workers are murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2011.01.11 Pakistan Lahore 0 2 Two Christian women are violently beaten and humiliated by a Muslim mob over claims they had ‘abused’ Muhammad.
2011.01.11 Sudan Abyei 10 18 Ten Africans, on their way to vote for independence, are ambushed and slain by Arab tribesmen, including the mother of a 3-month-old baby – stabbed to death.
2011.01.11 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A fortune teller is shot in the head by fundamentalists.
2011.01.11 Russia Kenzh 1 0 A folk healer is killed in his home by suspected Islamic fundamentalists.
2011.01.11 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A young traffic cop is murdered in an Islamist drive-by.
2011.01.10 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 0 Three people are taken apart by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.01.10 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two ‘traitors to Islam’ are shot to death on their way to work.
2011.01.10 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 Woman and children are among the casualties when a Holy Warrior tosses a grenade into the street.
2011.01.09 Nigeria Borno 1 2 A guard at a church is shot to death in an Islamist drive-by.
2011.01.09 Sudan Abyei 20 30 Twenty locals are killed in an ambush by Arab-Muslim militia.
2011.01.09 Niger Niamey 2 0 A young French aid worker and his friend are kidnapped from a restaurant and murdered by al-Qaeda.
2011.01.09 Philippines Basilan 5 1 Five traveling businessmen are flagged down and machine-gunned by Abu Sayyaf.
2011.01.09 Chechnya Grozny 2 6 An electrician is among two people machine-gunned to death in their car by Mujahideen.
2011.01.08 Thailand Yala 1 1 Islamic militants gun down a policeman in a drive-by.
2011.01.08 Afghanistan Helmand 3 1 A shopowner and two farmers are among three civilians murdered by Taliban bombers.
2011.01.08 Iraq Diala 2 0 Two children are torn into pieces when Muslim terrorists detonate a bomb in a chicken coop.
2011.01.08 Yemen Lahj 3 9 Islamists attack a local security post and kill three defenders.
2011.01.07 Iraq Nasariya 2 3 Car bombers take down two members of a Shia family.
2011.01.07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A villager is shot to death by Islamic ‘separatists’.
2011.01.07 Yemen Lawder 13 0 At least a dozen local soldiers riding in a water supply convoy are machine-gunned to death by al-Qaeda.
2011.01.07 Iraq Hussainya 5 1 Three children are among five members of a family brutally murdered in a pre-dawn home invasion.
2011.01.07 Yemen Abyan 4 2 An al-Qaeda ambush leaves four people dead.
2011.01.07 Bangladesh Chittagong 0 20 Wahabbis and Sunnis clash over control over a mosque, beating rivals and setting fires.
2011.01.07 Somalia Warbhigly 1 0 Islamic militants slit the throat of a Christian mother of four.
2011.01.07 Somalia Hosingo 1 0 A goat herder is shot in the head by al-Shabaab for refusing to pay zakat.
2011.01.07 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 17 23 A suicide bomber at a bath house sends seventeen souls to Allah.
2011.01.06 Somalia Goobweyne 1 0 A 20-year-old mentally ill man is executed by al-Shabaab gunmen.
2011.01.05 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 A civilian is murdered by Jihadi bombers.
2011.01.05 Pakistan South Waziristan 3 0 Islamic militants incinerate three members of a family with a roadside bomb.
2011.01.04 Pakistan Islamabad 1 0 A regional governor is assassinated at a cafe for appealing on behalf of a Christian woman jailed for blasphemy.
2011.01.04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 2 An Afghan is killed by a remote-controlled bomb hidden in a rice sack.
2011.01.04 Iraq Balad 2 0 Two brothers are disassembled by a bomb.
2011.01.04 Iraq Duluiya 2 0 Jihadis take down two teenagers with an IED.
2011.01.04 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A Muslim sniper takes down a local cop.
2011.01.04 Kyrgystan Bishkek 4 0 Four security personnel at a checkpoint are machine-gunned to death by religious extremists.
2011.01.03 Afghanistan Baghlan 4 2 Hardliners attack a rival mosque, shooting four people to death.
2011.01.03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian woman who survived an Islamist church massacre a few weeks earlier is shot to death in her sleep.
2011.01.03 Afghanistan Herat 1 5 A civilian is taken down by Taliban bombers.
2011.01.03 Iraq Baghdad 4 2 Four people are shot to death by Islamic insurgents.
2011.01.03 Iraq Baqubah 3 26 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber takes out three Iraqis.
2011.01.03 Pakistan Orakzai 1 0 The Taliban decapitate a hostage with a knife.
2011.01.02 Philippines Mamasapano 1 3 Muslim rebels open fire on a family home, killing the father and injuring his wife and children.
2011.01.02 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A folk healer is murdered by Islamists.
2011.01.02 Iraq Balad 1 9 One young man is killed by a bombing attack on the family home of a secular judge.
2011.01.02 Iraq Qayara 2 3 A car bomb attack leaves two people dead.
2011.01.02 Iraq Kirukuk 1 0 A man is abducted, tortured and murdered by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.01.02 Philippines Maguindanao 2 3 A Christian farmer is gunned down while driving home.
2011.01.01 Somalia Mogadishu 19 25 Children are among at least nineteen civilians cut down by an al-Shabaab ambush along a city street.
2011.01.01 Thailand Narathiwat 2 8 Two cops are killed while trying to defuse an Islamic marketplace bomb.
2011.01.01 India Ramban 2 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba abduct and murder two border policemen.
2011.01.01 Iraq Baqubah 1 1 A woman dies from a bombing in her own home.
2011.01.01 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Terrorists shoot two Iraqis to death in their car.
2011.01.01 Egypt Alexandra 23 77 Twenty-three parishioners are incinerated by a Shahid suicide bomb attack on a New Year’s Day church mass.


6 Tanggapan to “Daftar Terorisme Islam 2011 (update)”

  1. ss said

    baca http://hijab1.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/penyakit-masyarakat/

  2. jony said


  3. melly said

    beneran ga sich ini, perasaan islam yg gue tau ga gitu2 amat

    • admin said

      Pelajari secara lebih dalam. Kami tidak memaksa anda percaya. Jika ada kekeliruan dalam blog ini, sampaikan lengkap dengan sumbernya. Pasti akan kami perbaiki supaya tidak menimbulkan fitnah. salam

  4. edy sumarlan said

    saya tanggapi:
    1. memang saya akui, ada beberapa kelompok yang pemahaman islamnya radikal tidak menjaga rambu-rambu (jihad) seprti yang telah dipertegas oleh beliau SAW dan para ulama. mereka berjumalh sedikit, tetapi efeknya berimbas ke seluruh umat islam.
    2. mengenai daftar2 ini, tidak cukup sekedar mencatat data, namun latar belakang faktor penyebabnya tidak disertakan. ingat, munculnya teror perang -yang katanya-saudara sesama muslim, setelah irak dilumat oleh tentara AS dan sekutunya. apakan anda lupa apa alasan mereka menyerang irak waktu itu: memiliki senjata pemusnah masal! yang sampai sekarang tidak ada buktinya… suatu negara yang telah diluluyhlantakan kacau balau dan diadu domba oleh kekuatan asing… dengan gampangnya diberi stempel: islam agama teror..
    baiknya sertakan juga latar belakang munculnya konflik dari semua data itu, baik yang pro maupun yg kontra. lucu aja, datanya angkanya banyak tanpa disertai penjelasan detail, maksudnya apa…?

  5. broto said

    Terima kasih atas datanya. menurut saya banyaknya pelaku yang ditimbulkan tidak terlalu banyak tetapi yang dilakukan oleh suatu negara besar yang mendengung-dengungkan HAM dan kemanusiaan justru melakukukan tidakan teror yang mengakibatkan perasaan teror dan kehancuran terhadap lebih dari separuh umat manusia, jadi apakah yang lebih hina dengan banyak pelaku dengan korban tertentu atau sedikit pelaku dengan korban banyak…. Itu yang perlu anda pikirkan.

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